Dynasys™ APU Savings Calculator

Our Savings Calculator is designed to give you an approximate estimate of the fuel savings you can expect using a Dynasys APU to power your cab instead of idling your tractor engine during downtime. Use the sliders to set the price of diesel, average idle hours per week and number of vehicles to see how fast the savings add up!



Diesel Price (per gallon): $4.00

Idling Hours (per week): 48

Number of Vehicles: 1

Note: This calculator is based on a fifty-week year. It provides only an estimate and does not constitute a performance guarantee. Calculation is based on estimated cost of fuel and normal vehicle operation. Your actual field results may vary.


Dynasys™ APUs are intelligently designed to provide dependable, energy-efficient performance with convenient service intervals that match scheduled truck maintenance. Each unit is backed by a two-year/4000 hour warranty with an option to extend coverage.

Copies of the Dynasys APU limited warranty, optional extended warranty, and registration documents are available for your convenience, and can be obtained by emailing info@dynasysapu.com.

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