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The Dynasys™ team is committed to providing timely, high-quality service to each and every customer.  You can contact our Technical Support team by phone or email, and we can also arrange interactive web meeting sessions.

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5610 Perkins Road
PO Box 740
Alliance, NE 69301

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Dynasys Sales:

Customer Service: + 1 800 289-8282 ext. 3
Sales: + 1 888.437.4742
Fax: 512.519.5287

Corporate Office: +1 308 762 1268

Product Recall Information

In January, 2013, we issued a product safety recall on all Dynasys APUs installed to date. The initial recall notice asked that customers discontinue all use of their Dynasys APUs until a repair solution was available.  A solution was made available beginning in February, 2013 and DynasysAPUs currently being sold are not subject to the recall.  Links to the two most recent communications to owners are as follows:

Click here to read the February 19, 2013 recall status update that describes the immediate availability of a recall fix, including instructions on how to schedule repairs.

Click here to read the February 3, 2013 recall status update that describes immediate availability of a partial reactivation mode (supports 110v AC convenience outlets and block heater, but no HVAC) until recall repair fix can be implemented.

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Dynasys™ APUs are intelligently designed to provide dependable, energy-efficient performance with convenient service intervals that match scheduled truck maintenance. Each unit is backed by a two-year/4000 hour warranty with an option to extend coverage.

Copies of the Dynasys APU limited warranty, optional extended warranty, and registration documents are available for your convenience, and can be obtained by emailing

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