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Operational Scenario

Idling Hours Rest/Sleep: 8
Idling Hours Load/Unload: 2
Working Days per Month: 22
Total Average Engine Idling Hours:
per day: 10
Per year: 3,432

Operational Costs

Fuel Price (per Gallon): $3.95
Truck Gallons/Hour Idling: 1.20
Dynasys Gallons/Hour: (Diff: 1.00) 0.20
Maint. Cost per Engine Hour: $1.25

APU Cost

APU Unit Price: $9,000
Number of Trucks: 1
Total: $9,000

Total Savings

Savings Per Truck Fleet
Day $52 $52
Month $1,144 $1,144
Year $13,728 $13,728
Pays for self in 8 months

Note: This calculator provides only an estimate and does not constitute a performance guarantee. Calculation is based on estimated cost of fuel and normal vehicle operation. Your actual field results may vary.

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