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Our Mission

We strive to provide quality products and services for mobile climate control applications -- products of the highest quality, made with integrity, and serviced with passion, for a superior customer experience.

We are dedicated to manufacturing and distributing energy-efficient auxiliary power systems for the transportation industry that reduce emissions and the magnitude of climate change. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and under our previous name of Hodyon, we were a two-time award winner for growth from Inc. magazine, the 59th fastest growing manufacturer in the US and, according to the Austin Business Journal, the 17th fastest growing company in Austin, Texas.

Since APUs offer both economic and environmental benefits, we expect the use of them to continue to grow and produce even greater savings and driver comfort for many years to come.

The Best Solution to Engine Idling

With a Dynasys auxiliary power unit (APU), drivers can maintain in-cab comfort without the noise, vibration and expense of idling. Operating costs are reduced. And compliance with anti-idling laws is achieved as an added bonus.

Externally mounted on the truck rail, Dynasys is protected in its own weatherproof enclosure and operates using the truck’s fuel supply. This compact, diesel-electric system provides dependable comfort for the driver during downtimes, reduces emissions, and dramatically lowers fuel costs during idling. An optional shore power feature also allows the driver to power the truck’s HVAC from any 110v outlet to work independently from the APU.

In most cases, this anti-idling solution results in monthly fuel savings greater than a monthly finance payment. So it’s immediately cash flow positive, and immediately contributes to an improved bottom line. Use our convenient Savings Calculator to see how much a Dynasys APU can save you.

Dynasys…Never Idle.

Features & Benefits

  • Economical – offers fuel savings of 1 gallon per hour while idling, which can equate to a savings of $740/month or $9,000/year (based on diesel prices and typical operating conditions). Also may decrease maintenance on the truck main engine
  • Faster Installation Time – the Dynasys APU is completely independent of the truck’s mechanical systems, allowing faster installation times than comparable APUs
  • Rugged Stainless Steel Enclosure - resistant to corrosion under almost all conditions
  • Durable Automotive Style A/C – a long-lasting, maintenance-free system 
  • Low Voltage Start-up – monitors batteries to avoid costly jump starts and alternator failures
  • Auto Start Functions – programmable time and date allow pre-warming/cooling of the truck’s cab and engine
  • Compact Design – allows maximum power in the smallest package available on the market today. Weighs just 380 lbs. (APU and climate control unit), and takes up less than 20 inches of frame rail space
  • Warranty – comes with a two-year or 4000 hours full bumper-to-bumper warranty 

Installation / Maintenance

Fastest Install Time

  • With the Dynasys APU's non-integrated, four-component design, installation times are among the fastest in the industry
  • The mounting system offers maximum flexibility to accommodate all current Class 8 truck frames and can be located on either side of the truck and behind fairings
  • Service intervals match the truck’s maintenance schedule
  • Removable cover provides easy access to all maintenance items
  • 1000-hour oil change interval
  • Convenient access to breakers

Easy Maintenance

  • Service intervals match the truck’s maintenance schedule
  • Removable cover provides easy access to all maintenance items
  • 1000-hour oil change interval
  • Convenient access to breakers
  • Self-tensioning serpentine drive system

Dynasys Support

  • Only APU manufacturer with dedicated regional sales support
  • Provides timely, high-quality service
  • On-site training and access to mobile working APU demo unit
  • Only APU manufacturer with customer and technical service
  • Technical Support team can be contacted in numerous ways
  • Dedicated toll-free customer service line
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