Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I need parts, tech support or customer service?
A. Please refer to one of the dealers for Dynasys support here

Q. I need an operations guide for my unit?
A. User Guide

Q. I need a service manual for my Kubota?
AService Manual

Q. How much does a Dynasys APU cost?
A. Every dealer sets their own pricing. Please refer to one of the dealers for cost.

Q. What is the difference between an Gen3K and an EIS unit?
A. Gen 3K is a generator based unit offering heating, cooling, 110V outlets and will charge your truck batteries. An EIS unit is an “inverter” style unit offering cooling and will charge your truck batteries. Heat source for EIS is optional bunk heater or hydronic heater. See brochures for specs.

Q. I need a user’s guide for my touch screen controller?
A. Operations Guide - English; Operations Guide - Spanish; Manual

Q. Is there extended warranty?
A. Yes. We offer 3, 4 or 5 year extended warranties at time of unit installation. Not after the fact.  Please refer to the dealer network for pricing here

Q. What is standard warranty?
A. 2 years or 4000 hours. Bumper to bumper, if it breaks we fix it.



Dynasys™ APUs are intelligently designed to provide dependable, energy-efficient performance with convenient service intervals that match scheduled truck maintenance. Each unit is backed by a two-year/4000 hour warranty with an option to extend coverage.

Copies of the Dynasys APU limited warranty, optional extended warranty, and registration documents are available for your convenience, and can be obtained by emailing

Warranty Application


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